About Kerrie

Born in country South Australia—a state with a reputation for being home to some of the nation’s most infamous crimes—I grew up in an area where a serial killer lived and took ballet lessons in Snowtown, the site of the ‘bodies in barrels’ murders.

Looking back, perhaps I should have known I had a future in writing about crime set in rural Australia.

Throughout my schooling, I buried myself in books and became endlessly fascinated by stories that whisked you away.

I quickly realised that to bring others into the wonderful world that is the escapism in books was a true pleasure.

Today, it feels like I always wanted to be a writer.

After secondary school, I studied an Arts Degree at the University of Adelaide with a major in English. I continued to complete a Graduate Degree in Education and earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology. I’m currently completing my Masters in Psychotherapy.

It was after I graduated from Fiona McIntosh’s Commercial Fiction Masterclass however, that I doubled my efforts writing domestic suspense—stories about crimes in home settings while exploring the unsung wealth, privilege, and social inequities of country Australia.

My Books