Where I get my ideas

“Where you do you get your ideas?”

It’s a question many writers, me included­­, are often asked.

In this blog series ‘Inspirations’, I’ll be sharing just that—my inspirations.

Whether you’re simply curious about what makes me tick or another writer looking to spark your own creative juices, I simply hope you find something positive to take away.

Some of the types of inspirations I’ll be sharing include:

  • People and personalities … the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wicked! As a ‘people watcher’, I love imagining the stories behind people—where they came from and where they’re going.
  • True crime stories. As someone who finds it intriguing to write stories that could take place in real life, I am fascinated by true crime where, shockingly, truth is often stranger than fiction.
  • Stories that show the best of us can triumph over the worst of us. The world is full of its fair share of tragedies and unfair or unjust endings, so it’s nice to be reminded that good can also come out on top.

You can also follow me as I get inspired on my journey capturing the stories of the great Australian gin trail.

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